We provide hands-on solutions and expert advice
at every stage of your sales pipeline
It's all about the Pipe
Pipe is a sales and business development agency. We work with early stage companies to help them close their first 100 clients as well as more established businesses that need advanced business development campaigns. Pipe offers a full service consultancy to grow what we call "The Pipe".

Our solutions include practical strategy, planning and implementation to help you expand and scale your business. The Pipe approach is a combination of traditional sales methods partnered with modern digital techniques to achieve marketing success and maximize every sales opportunity. We become part of your team.

What are the opportunities in your pipeline?
Brand Awareness
Generate Leads
Close Deals
Nurture Clients
Sales Training
Featured Clients
We have clients around the world doing exciting things in sectors like cyber, banking, law, recruitment and education.
Meet the Pipers
Pipe is led by two highly successful sales and marketing professionals with over 40 years experience and four exits between them.
Robert has been in the sales and marketing industry for over 20 years spanning sectors like real estate, recruitment, digital workplace and edtech. He loves helping companies structure themselves for sales success, go big on social media and use that to build their brand value and feed the funnel. Robert is also an expert in developing the perfect pitch and helping teams learn how to negotiate.
Simon began his sales career in the jewellery and fashion industries. He has been selling tech solutions since 2000 and was on the founding team of 2 companies that exited. He loves the challenge of working with early stage companies and helping them build their marketing story and sales strategy to get traction. He is a creative thinker and a mentor to many sales professionals.
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